A world in which it’s nothing remarkable if you are just yourself….gay, straight, Christian, Satanist, African, Asian….none of it should matter with regards to your rights.  That’s the world I seek, the world DGN takes place in.  I know in my heart that in DGN is the only place I’ll ever really see that world, but it’s the idea of a world like that that drives me to continue to make DGN.  It’s an idea I’ll never truly give up on.  Some might call me a hopeless optimist, which I’m really not, but it’s the core of my beliefs and I won’t give up on it.

DGN has always been an LGBT ally and WILL always be.  I’ve taken heat, suffered losses of readers, been insulted, shamed and humiliated because of this comic, and I DO NOT CARE.  Aphrodite knows, I don’t just do this for something to do.  I’m trying to say something.  Maybe I just haven’t said it loudly enough.  Today’s comic should say it just fine, I believe.

I’ve said from the time Noriko came out that if you’re offended by same-sex relationships, feel free to find other comics to read.  I hope that you’ll open your mind a little and hear what I’m trying to say, and I’d love for you to stick around, but ultimately you have to accept PEOPLE ARE LGBT EVERYWHERE.  Some of you reading this might be LGBT.  Some of you might despise the LGBT community for whatever reason.  That’s your choice, but if you’re at least capable of basic civility, I still welcome you here to this story I’m telling.  Any of you who can’t handle it, well, seriously, why the hell are you still reading?

Those of you who choose to stick around, things are only going to get more exciting, and there’s still a lot of story yet to tell.  But Noriko will still be a lesbian, and she will still be interested in women (since that’s kind of the definition of a lesbian), and that’s just not going to change.

Essentially, she’s here, she’s queer, get used to it.  😉